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VSys Schema Updates

After you've done an upgrade to VSys, or if you are installing from scratch, VSys may require that its database tables be updated. This is a fairly painless process: VSys will do all of the heavy lifting of creating tables, adding or expanding columns, or adding indices.

If any of these need to be done, the Table Schema Update Wizard will open automatically when you start VSys.

Steps in this process

  1. From the Welcome screen as shown below, click on the Next button.
    Linked Graphic
  2. Check the tables to be updated. In general, you'll run this for all of the tables which need it (VSys won't be able to start until they're all updated successfully). Click Next.
    Linked Graphic
  3. Confirm the list of tables to be updated, then click on the Finish button.
    Linked Graphic
  4. VSys will now update the tables which need it, and if successful, will show you a completion message.

Once this process is complete, it will not need to be done by any other users. These changes affect the tables in use by all users at once.

For NexusDB databases, VSys can only run this update if no other users are in VSys at the time.

You need to have certain rights on the database to be able to successfully perform these operations. If you don't, VSys will tell you during the update process. Should this happen, contact your IT department to have someone with the appropriate database rights run this process for you.

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