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Upgrading VSys One

There are three ways to upgrade your version of VSys One:

For any option it's important that no one be currently using the files about to be upgraded.

Download and overwrite existing files

  1. Download "executables" file from the VSys One customer portal, customers.vsysone.com.
  2. Un-zip these files to overwrite VSys.exe and VSys.chm.
  3. If applicable, download the latest VSys Kiosk executables file and un-zip it to overwrite the existing VSysKiosk.exe file.
  4. If applicable, download the latest Standalone E-mail Robot executables file and un-zip it to overwrite the existing VSysOneEmailRobot.exe file.

There are no DLLs to update, nor any hidden files. Remember that the VSys.ini file must be in place from your previous installation since it has your registration and database connection information. If you want to do your upgrade in a different folder or for testing, copy the VSys.ini file from the old folder into the new one.

Re-run the VSys One installer

The full VSys One installer will upgrade all appropriate files (VSys.exe, VSys.chm, VSysKiosk.exe) as long as you install to the existing VSys One folder; it will copy in all necessary files.

If the new version requires a schema change to the database, VSys will prompt you before performing the schema update. See VSys Schema Updates for more information.

After any upgrade, be sure to run the Index update tool on the Administrator tools panel.

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