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Mandates Manager

The Mandates manager acts as a clearinghouse for mandates. Here you can search for them, edit, delete and print them, edit the associated volunteers, and send mandate-specific letters. Click on Mandates manager from the User tools panel.

Mandates manager screen

Steps in this task

  1. Select an option under the Common queries section on the left navigation bar and/or use the Criteria at the top of the screen to select which mandates to display.
  2. Click on the Get mandates button. This will bring up all of the mandates records which meet your criteria.

On the right-click menu

Right-click on a mandate on the list to modify that mandate or perform other actions.

This mandate

Edit mandate

Edits the mandate.


Delete mandate

Marks the mandate as deleted. As long as the mandate remains on-screen it can be un-deleted by right-clicking on it again.


Edit volunteer

Edits the owner of this mandate. Note the Mandates panel within the volunteer's Profile editor is hidden when the volunteer is opened this way.


Send this volunteer a letter

Lets you merge this mandate with any letter based on mandates or on people.

Checked mandates

Send a letter

Merges all checked mandates with any letter that is based on mandates or on people.

Note that the Checked mandates option only appears when one or more mandates are checked. The Send a letter... options are visible only if at least one letter template based on People or Mandates is defined in the Letter templates tool.


Use these filters to choose which mandates are displayed here. Click on the Get mandates button to show all of the mandates which meet your criteria. A mandate must meet all of the criteria listed here to appear. Leave any pair of dates blank (started, deadline, finished) or any pair of numbers zero (required, completed, remaining) to not filter on that value.


Recalculate credited hours

For all of the mandates shown, re-checks the hours associated with the mandate and shows the new totals next to each.

Setup mandate types

Opens the Mandate types tool on the Setup panel.

Mandate reports

Opens up the Mandate reports tool.

Common Queries

Clicking on any of these links searches for mandates which meet the built-in criteria for each search.

Open but hours reached

All mandates marked as Open and which have no (or negative) remaining hours left to complete.

Past deadline but not completed

All mandates marked as Open but which are overdue.

Completed this week

Mandates marked as Completed and with a finished date within the past week.

(clear filters)

This removes all filter values. If you click on Get mandates now, you'll see all mandates ever entered, regardless of status.

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