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Mandate Letters

Designing Mandate Letters

When creating letter templates for mandates, the Data source must show "Mandates". From the list of letter templates, right-click on the letter and select Properties, or from the template itself click on Letter template properties. Set the Data source to Mandates. See Letter template properties for more information on configuring the letter properties.

Letter template properties window showing a madate required setting

Sending Mandate Letters

From the Mandates manager, you can send letters which refer to the mandate shown. Right-click on any mandate to send a letter to that mandate's owner, or check multiple mandates to send letters to more than one volunteer at a time. Letter templates designed for both mandates and people are available here, though only those designed for mandates can include mandate information. You can also right-click on a mandate from within the Mandates panel of the Profile editor to send a letter from there.

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