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Advanced/Custom Reports

Some of the features and concepts introduced here are very advanced, and may not be needed by most people. Odds are, most of the reports you need are either built-in or you can make trivial modifications to a built-in report to get what you need. If you need help with some of the more in-depth features of custom reports, please contact our support team for assistance.

Custom reports are a powerful concept and are the basis for many other reports in VSys. These reports in VSys are not "magical", they're just regular reports that any user can open, change, re-arrange, or create entirely from scratch. Custom reports start with their Type of report, which is the source of the data that's used as its basis.

Steps in this task

  1. Click on the Advanced/Custom link in the Reports panel.
  2. The Select saved report box will open listing the already-available reports. Choose one of these as the basis for your report.
  3. Select the Type of report. This indicates the data to be used.
  4. Choose your Source criteria. Your options here will vary widely depending on whether you're working from within a project and what your report basis is.
  5. Use the Design report link to change the contents of the report itself.
  6. On the left navigation bar under Address types, set your preferred address type(s) if needed. Also set Include/Exclude incomplete addresses and Include/Exclude records without a matching address.
  7. Choose any Sorting for your report. Click the Add sort link to add a sort. The (no page break)/with page break links add a page break when this field changes. Toggle the up and down arrows to change the direction of the sort.
  8. Set your Output options.
  9. Click the Print button to run the report.

For more information about source data and data pipelines, see the section Pipelines.

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