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Slot Summaries Reports

Slot summaries show, for each job slot which meets your criteria, specific fields that you choose. Filter slots by job/job group, states (empty, partially filled, filled, overfilled), start, finish and location. These are "summary" reports so they will focus on the numbers and counts, not on the people. Use this report to:

Most - if not all - of what you can do with this report can also be done with summary/crosstab reports with greater flexibility.

Steps in this task

  1. From the Reports panel, click on Slot summary underneath Assignments.
    Slot summary report screen
  2. If the Select saved report window opens, choose the saved or built-in report you would like to use and click Select. Or click on the Load settings link under Tools to bring up a list of options.
  3. Set the Report title.
  4. Choose the Fields to print:

Field choices



Full start date and time of this slot.

Start date

Start date for this slot.

Start time

Start time. You'll normally only use one or two of the Start... fields.

End time

The end time of this slot.


Day of the week, e.g. Monday.


How long this slot runs, in hours:minutes format.


Description of the job associated with the slot.


Sport associated with this slot (only if sports are being used.)

Job group

Job group for the job associated with the slot.


Where the assignment is.


The total number of people required for this job at this location and time.


Number of people currently assigned to this slot.


Number of people still needed for this slot, may be negative if there are too many people.

Needed (never negative)

Similar to Needed, but if the slot is full or over full it will show as zero.


"Empty", "Partially filled", "Filled" or "Over full".


The name of the supervisor of this job slot.


Comments about the slot itself.


Various attributes of the job associated with the job slot including description, job group, duties, and qualifications.

  1. Set any filters: Assignment start/end, Slot states and Jobs, Locations.
  2. On the left navigation bar, choose any Sorting for your report. Click the Add sort link to add a sort. The (no page break)/with page break links add a page break when this field changes. Toggle the up and down arrows to change the direction of the sort.
  3. Set your Output options.
  4. Click Print to run the report.

Sample Slot Summaries Report

Slot summary sample report

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