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Sign-in reports are designed to be used as volunteer checklists. These are "column" reports, for which you can't use the report designer, but where you do have a lot of flexibility in what data columns appear. Print this report for your sign-in tables at various venues. At the end of the day, after your volunteers have signed in, use them for data entry to give your volunteers credit.

Steps in this task

The built-in report, which comes up automatically by default, is pretty good. Many of the options below are just that: options. If you just click the Print button, you may find that the report already meets all or most of your needs with no modifications.

  1. Click on Sign-in from the Reports panel (under Assignments) or from within a project.
    Sign-in report screen
  2. On the Settings panel, enter a Report header.
  3. Choose the fields you want to print on the report:

Field name



A short line for a checkmark or initials.


Volunteer's age.

Group/ Delegation

Volunteer's group (globally) or delegation (project) for this assignment.


The supervisor for the job assignment.


Location for this assignment.

Job, Job group, Job group parent

Job, job group or job group parent associated with this assignment.

Start date/time

Full date and time of the assignment's start.

Start time

Assignment's start time. Note you'll normally only include one of the Start... fields.

Start date

Date of the assignment's start.


Status of the assignment - normal, pending, etc.

Finish date/time

Full date and time of the assignment's scheduled completion.

Finish time

Just the finish time for the assignment. Note you'll normally only include one of the Finish... fields.

Finish date

Just the finish date for the assignment.

Day of the week

The name of the day of the assignment.


How long the assignment is scheduled to run.


Any text associated with the assignment.

Signature line

A blank line for the volunteer's signature.

Photo ID check

Indicates if this volunteer needs his photo identification checked.

Basic/short ID

The volunteer's short ID (five-digit value).

Kiosk ID

The volunteer's kiosk ID.

  1. Select which contact field to include: any of the phone numbers or the e-mail address. If the field you select isn't available for a volunteer and you check If not present, use any available value, VSys will use any other one it's able to find for that volunteer.
  2. Choose to break the report up by the first letter of the person's family name. Use this if you have many volunteers signing in at the same place and want to have multiple sign-in lists or lines. If you check this, select the letters on the list below that VSys should start a new page for. Of course "A" always starts on its own page.
  3. If you included the Photo ID check field, choose the date for ID needed if last checked before. Any volunteer whose ID was never checked, or was checked before this date, will be flagged as needing his ID checked here.
  4. For someone with 2+ assignments in one day, only print the first: check this if volunteers with multiple assignments in one day should only have to sign in once, at their first assignment.
  5. Optionally enter a disclaimer. These will print at the top of the report. Use the disclaimer for lawyer-eze like "You promise not to sue us..."
  6. On the left navigation bar, choose any Sorting for your report. Click the Add sort link to add a sort. The (no page break)/with page break links add a page break when this field changes. Toggle the up and down arrows to change the direction of the sort.
  7. Set your Output options.
  8. Click Print to run the report.

Sample Sign-in Report

Sample Sign-in Report

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