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Attached Files Reports

Attached files reports print the various attachments associated with people. These attachments can be images, Word or Excel files, PDF documents, etc.

Steps in this task

  1. From the VSys One home screen, go to the Reports panel and click on the Attached files link.
  2. Select the Attachment types to be printed.
  3. Filter on Earliest date and Latest date; these represent the dates that the attachments were added to people.
  4. Add any other filters on the people the attachments are associated with.
  5. On the left navigation bar, choose the printer to send this report to.
  6. Click Print to run the report.


VSys doesn't understand what many of the attachments represent, at least not enough to know how to actually print these files. As a result VSys uses a special mechanism in Windows to ask Windows to print the files on its behalf. For a Word file, for example:

  1. VSys saves the attachment to a temporary file.
  2. VSys tells Windows to print the file.
  3. Windows tells Word to print the file.
  4. Word, if it's able to, prints the file to the printer that VSys specified.

This means that every attachment is its own "print job" to Windows. Printing this report for five people, each of which has four attachments, means twenty different documents being sent to the printer. As a result:

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