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Self-Run Reports

By using a "Self-run reports" block or a report menu item, VSys Live gives you a mechanism for volunteers to request and run reports about themselves directly.

When VSys runs a report this way for a volunteer, it runs it just for that volunteer even if other volunteers would have qualified based on the report's criteria. It creates a PDF file then delivers the report's results by e-mail. (The report's results may also be available for download within VSys Live if you show a reports listing view.)

Field name



This description will be shown to the volunteer online.

Type of report

Letter template, Saved report or User-configurable report.

Saved report

If you chose Saved report or User-configurable report as the Type of report, choose the saved or user-configurable report which will be queued when the volunteer selects this report online.

Letter template

If you selected Letter template as the Type of report, choose the letter to be generated when this "report" is requested by the volunteer online.

Send automatically...

If checked, when a volunteer checks in, the report will be run and delivered without prompting the volunteer.


Via e-mail: VSys generates and runs the report, delivering it to the volunteer's preferred e-mail address.

Via SMS/text message: VSys generates and runs the report, then sends an SMS/text message with a web link to download the file.

Via SMS/text message if possible, otherwise e-mail: uses SMS if the volunteer has one to be used; if not, uses e-mail instead.

Sender phone number

Which SMS/text message Twilio account should be used for delivery.

Include https:...

When sending by SMS/text message, send an https:// link to the file instead of an http:// link. Note that VSys Live Kiosk must have a secure site running for this to work.

When run for a team of people...

If named teams are enabled, and the currently logged-in person is such a team, and this report is eligible, this checkbox - when checked - runs the report for not only the currently logged-in person on VSys Live, but also includes any people who are members of that team.

Visibility rules

Selecting visibility rules here will require that at least one of those visibility rules be met in order for the report to appear online.

People types, Groups

Only volunteers who meet these criteria will be shown this report.

First date available, Last date available

If either or both of these are set, the report will only be available in VSys Live during this time period.

Expires after

Once run, the report's results will no longer be available for download once this much time has passed. Especially useful for meal tickets, parking passes, etc.

Limit use based on current assignment duration

If checked, the duration of the assignment that the volunteer is checking in for must be within this range.

Only if not late for assignment

If checked, the volunteer cannot be late for her scheduled assignment more than this time, or the report will not run.

Only when checking in for

Report will only be run if the volunteer is checking in for one of these jobs.

Earliest time available, Latest time available

Limit the times of day during which the report is available. These apply to the actual time at which the volunteer checks in.


These will be shown to the volunteer online.

E-mail delivery "From" name

If this report is delivered by e-mail, the e-mail will use this as the sender's name.

E-mail delivery "From" address

If this report is delivered by e-mail, the e-mail will use this address as the sender's address.

E-mail delivery "From" subject

If this report is delivered by e-mail, the e-mail will use this as the subject. (Optional; if this field is blank VSys will use the report's Description as the e-mail subject.)

When sent to other than volunteer...

When the report is run and delivered to its designated recipient, if this is checked and if that recipient is not the e-mail address of the logged-in volunteer, VSys will automatically cc: the volunteer in the e-mail delivering the report's result.

E-mail body: report successfully run

When the report is run successfully and has one or more results in it, VSys will use this text as the body of the e-mail that is delivered.

E-mail body: report failed/no results

When the report is run, if the report fails to complete, or the report contains no results (e.g. an assignments report for which the volunteer has no matching assignments), VSys will use this text as the body of the e-mail that is delivered.

Mail merges and letter templates are reports as far as VSys is concerned: you can let volunteers send themselves letters using this tool. If a saved report or user-configurable report is a mail merge, VSys will run that merge, convert the resulting letter to PDF, and then send that PDF file just as it would send the results of a report.

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