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Online Trainings

VSys Live lets you define online trainings that you can then offer to your volunteers. There are four types of online trainings:

Note that VSys Live online trainings is an add-on module that may require purchasing a special license.

Field name



A description for your own use. This is the description that will appear to the volunteer on the list of available online trainings.


Optional; if this training is linked via a VSys Live menu and you've put a text value here, VSys Live will use that instead of the (ugly) internal ID code for the course.


An inactive course is not available on VSys Live, but can be re-activated at any time.


A training subject. When a volunteer takes an online course, a training record with this subject will be created in her profile.


(See above)

YouTube video URL

The link to your online training.

First date show, Last date shown

If set, this online training is only available when the current date is between these dates.

Display order

On lists of available trainings, this will be used to sort the trainings.

Confirmation prompt

If a volunteer selects this course he'll be shown this prompt before being sent to the course.


Select a quiz to test the student after the training has been displayed.

Don't show answers summary at the end of the quiz

Normally VSys Live shows a listing of questions with the correct answers at the end of the quiz. Check this box to prevent VSys Live from showing that summary.

Passing score

To be considered to have passed this course, a student must get at least this score on the followup quiz. (VSys tells you the maximum possible score based on the current settings for the quiz.)

Send student to URL on pass

If the student passes the course, after notification he'll be sent to this page.

Send student to URL on fail

If the student fails the course, after notification he'll be sent to this page.

Credit students with volunteer hours

To give volunteer hours to students who successfully pass this course, check this box and select the job and duration to credit them with.

Required prerequisite trainings

If any of these are checked, the student will not be eligible for this training unless all of the prerequisite trainings have been successfully completed.

Only available if volunteer does not have a current training in this subject, Or current training expires soon

If Only available... is checked, volunteers who have a current (completed, non-expired) training in this subject won't be able to take this online course. If Or current training expires soon is checked then a volunteer who has a current training in this subject but that training expires within the given number of days will be allowed to take the course.

People types, Groups, People statuses

Only volunteers who meet these criteria will be shown this online training.

Student must be on all of these lists

If any lists are checked here, the student must be on all of them to be eligible to take the training. This is especially useful when you have complex criteria: use an Intellilist.

Student must not be on any of these lists

If any lists are checked, if the student is on any of them, they are not eligible for this training.

Not available if the student recently failed...

Use this to prevent students from re-taking the same training over and over again.

Message to show...

If the page for this training is opened and the training is not available to the logged-in user, this message will be shown in its place.


Any CSS here will be inserted into the page below the page's normal CSS.

In the upper-right corner you'll see a link /pages/training:xxx. Click on that link to have VSys copy the direct link for this training to the Windows Clipboard.

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