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Online Training Quizzes

After a VSys Live online training has been completed by a volunteer, she can optionally be shown a followup quiz. The results of that quiz determine whether or not she's given credit for the training.

Field name



A description for your own use. This will not appear to the volunteer.

Quiz with mixed HTML content and questions

See mixed HTML content and questions quizzes.


An inactive quiz cannot be used.


Shown to the volunteer before the start of the quiz.

"Pass" message

Shown to the volunteer upon successful completion of the quiz.

"Fail" message

Shown if the volunteer fails the quiz.

Right-click in the list of questions to add, edit or delete a question, or to change their order.

Define one or more questions. Questions can have any of three types:


Weighting can be used to make some questions more important than others. When VSys Live calculates a person's score for the quiz, it adds together the weightings of all of the correctly-answered questions. For example,

This would result in the volunteer getting a score of 3 out of a possible 4.

The pass/fail score is defined within the training, not in the quiz.

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