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Custom HTML Blocks

Custom HTML blocks are blocks that you design and which can be placed into regions on any page. They're not "smart" in that they can't apply business logic by calling VOXI and they don't contain Ruby code but they're easy to use and a way for you to put your own content on any page.

While they're not smart, they can include variable content. That is, you can have VSys Live include the currently logged-in person's name, photo or other information. Or include graphics. Or even custom fields. When shown in a visitor's web browser, VSys Live will display those fields just like a mail merge. Use the Insert links to insert actions, applications, fields, images, or send message links. For external images (those not defined in VSys), you can manually enter your own <IMG> tags; you can also add things like IFRAMEs or pretty much anything else.

Note that some fields may not be available if the website visitor isn't logged in.

For inserted fields which are images, you can manually include parameters in the link to adjust the size or other properties of the resulting image. For example, inserting a person's photo puts
into the block. If the person has a photo, this generates the HTML
<IMG SRC="/CACHE/XYZ" alt="Photo"/>
Changing the field to
would generate
<IMG SRC="/CACHE/XYZ" alt="Photo" height="50"/>

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