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Pages setup

Pages in VSys Live are built by placing blocks, menus and images into various regions on the page's layout. No HTML knowledge is needed here: the design is drag and drop. VSys Live generates all of the HTML, CSS and JavaScript needed to display in the user's web browser.

Right-click on any page to see a list of actions for that page.

Duplicating a page does not result in the new page using the existing page as a template: the new page is completely independent of the page it was copied from and any changes made to the copy or the original do not affect the other.

Types of Pages

VSys Live understands three different types of pages. Only "Normal" pages are actually shown on your website; the others are used for special purposes.

Template page

You want the pages on your website to all have a common look and layout, and most of them will contain common elements such as logos, menus, social media links, etc. Putting those individually onto every page would not be fun, and then making changes to them all later when you want to adjust something would be worse.

So we create one or more "template" pages, and put on them all of those common pieces. Template pages are like pre-written forms with blank spaces that you can fill in to customize them without having to create a new document from scratch. Then, for most of the other pages on the site, we tell VSys Live that those pages are "Based on" the template page. VSys Live automatically includes all of the content from the template page on the real pages, and changes to the template page automatically apply to all of the pages based on that page. (In most cases you'll use a single template page for each site, with that template page defining the overall look and feel of the site and including basic functions.)

Template pages have another benefit, too: changes made to the pre-written document (the template in this case) are automatically made to all of the documents (pages) that were based on the template without any added work.

The built-in example site will contain two template pages: one "One column" and the other "Two column". Each will have slightly different layouts.

Normal page

These pages contain real content, can be linked to, and can appear on menus. Most of your pages will be like this.

Placeholder page

Placeholder pages are empty and not directly linked to, but instead are places that VSys Live can use to show content that has no specific home. Examples are:

When you put an application, action link, etc. on a menu, or link to it from within a custom HTML block, if a visitor clicks on that item, VSys Live will show the placeholder page with the content in the region that you specify.

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