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Sample Template Page

Let’s start out with an example template page. As a template we're only using two regions:

Below header title:


By itself this would be a pretty boring and mostly useless page, but when used as the template for a real page, it gives us the basics and makes it easy to change those basics later on without having to go into each and every individual page to do so.

The important aspects of this page are:

Page type

Template page used as the basis of other pages. This tells VSys that other pages will use this one as a template.

Site page layout

Any of the layouts defined in the site definition.

Use settings from another template page

If this field is visible, you can tell VSys to look to some other template page (and only a template page!) for all of the values on the Settings page. Very handy if you have more than one template page and want them to share most of the same settings.

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