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Training Subjects

Training subjects are the high-level description of what's being taught in a course. Some examples are "Initial Orientation", "Data entry", and "Safety protocols". When jobs are defined that require their volunteers to have specific trainings, they'll require those trainings by subject. A training subject consists only of a description and length of time that the training subject is valid (if those trainings expire).

Set up subjects from Setup, under Training by clicking on the Training subjects link.
Training subjects setup screen

On the right-click menu

Right-click on a subject on the list to modify its properties or perform other actions.

Add training subject

Creates a new subject.


See the subject without edit permissions.


Edits the description and default validity period for this subject.

Merge with another subject

Merge together two subjects. This eliminates the old subject and both subjects will now be called the one name. It changes any training records associated with the old subject to now reference the new subject.

Load all built-in values

Loads all values that come with VSys One.

Paste values from the clipboard

Create your list in a text editor and copy the list to the clipboard. Then use this link to paste the values in bulk.


Deletes this subject.

Merging Training Subjects

You cannot delete a training subject when one or more courses are set up to use that subject. You can, however, merge two training subjects together. Right-click on a training subject and select Merge with another subject. After selecting the target subject, all courses and trainings which refer to the original subject will be changed to the target subject, and the original subject will be deleted.
Merge training subjects window

Changing a subject's default validity period does not change expiration date on the courses already created with this subject, but changing the description of the course does affect those already created courses.

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