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Training Records

There are two kinds of training records: those associated with a training course, and standalone records which are not connected to a training course. Both track the same information, but a record associated with a training course gets its date, duration, subject, and location from the course, and updating the course updates all of the training records in that course.

For example if you are offering a basic First Aid course, you would set up the course and the training record would be created for the volunteer when he's registered in the course. However, if a volunteer brought in a certificate of First Aid certification from an outside class, you would enter a training record not associated with a course to capture that information.

You can work with a person's training records from within their Profile editor, the Training manager or from a course's list of entrants.

Training record in a course

Training record as shown in a training course
In a training record in a course, you can see we are just changing the Status, Expiration date and Score; all the other information in the record comes from the course.

Training record not associated with a course

Training record not associated with a training course
Here we can edit all of the various fields in the training record because it is not tied to a course.

In versions 2.1 and higher of VSys One, VSys tracks the old and new values when changing certain fields in an assignment. Click on this link (if present) to see the old and new values by selecting View transitions. Clicking Mark as requiring volunteer notification sets a flag on this training that can be used by certain filters to tell VSys that a letter or e-mail the volunteer received about this training needs to be updated.

If you right-click on a training record to send the student a letter, VSys will show only those letter templates with a Data source of People or Training records. Of these, only the ones with a Data source of Training records can easily include information about the training record. VSys has a built in letter template for this.

When deleting a training record that is generated credited hours, the hours are deleted as well.

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