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Training Manager

The Training manager lets you search for people who have gone through or are registered for training courses. Unlike the Training course registrants tool, the training records here can be from multiple courses, have multiple subjects, or not even be associated with training courses at all.

When to use this tool

Training manager screen


Course reports

Training course reports detail information about the courses (classes), but not the students within them.

Roster reports

Training rosters include information about not only the courses but also the students registered in those courses. Includes sign-in lists.


Setup subjects

Link to Training subject setup to edit training subjects.

Setup courses

Link to Training courses setup to create and edit specific classes/courses.


These filter the records shown when Get trainings is clicked.

Finding training records

  1. From User tools, open Training manager.
  2. Use the Criteria at the top to select which training records to display.
  3. Click on the Get trainings button. This will bring up all of the training records which meet your criteria.

On the right-click menu

Right-click on a training on the list to modify that training or perform other actions.

This training record

Edit record

Edits the training record itself.


Deletes the training record.

View entrant

Opens the entrant's profile as read-only.

Edit entrant

Edits the person who is registered.

Send a letter

Brings up a list of eligible letter templates. Selecting one of these will merge the training record with that template.

Add/remove "person" to a list

Adds or removes this person to/from a temporary or standard list.


Enroll a person (outside of a course)

Brings up the Person lookup tool to let you search for a person, then give the person a training record with whatever properties you want.


All/None/Reverse, use these to check and un-check all records.

Selected training records

Set status

Sets the status of all checked records.

Send a letter

Brings up a list of letter templates. Selecting one of these will merge all checked training records with that template.

Print mailing labels

Prints any of the built-in mailing labels for the checked people.


Deletes all checked records.


Un-deletes all checked records.

Add/remove selected to/from a list

Adds or removes the selected people to/from a temporary or standard list.


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