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Training Instructors

While you can assign new training instructors when defining a training course, it's faster to have all of your trainers pre-defined. By marking a trainer as inactive, VSys will show that trainer at the bottom of selection lists, making it easier to quickly choose the trainer(s) you need.

  1. From the Setup panel under Training, click on the Training instructors link.
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  2. Add new trainers by clicking on the Add instructor link and then locating the person to use.
  3. Mark a trainer as active or inactive by right-clicking on their name and selecting Make active or Make inactive. This is available for all instructors.
  4. Remove a trainer by right-clicking on their name and selecting Remove as instructor. Note this is only available for manually-defined instructors, meaning those who are not attached as instructors to any training course.
  5. Right-click on a trainer to edit them, send letters, or any other actions normally associated with a person.
  6. Click the Save button to commit your changes. Note changes you've made by editing the instructors themselves were committed immediately.

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