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User-configurable Reports

User-configurable reports take saved reports of many types and configure them with an optional list of user settings to make a simplified icon for your users. Why would you do this?

Create user-configurable reports from the User-configurable reports tool from the Setup panel.

Each report here represents a link to a saved report.



User-configurable report

This is the description of the report as it will be displayed to your users.


Active or Inactive. An inactive report will not be available to your users.

Report groupings

Zero or more groupings for this report. The groupings are tied to security and define how users get rights to the report.

Main screen

If Yes, this report will show on the User-configurable reports panel on the VSys One home screen.


When the report is printed, this title will override the title saved with the report itself.


This is the saved report that the user-configurable report is linked to. A user-configurable report that cannot locate its saved report (the saved report could have been deleted) will show in gray and cannot be used.

On the right-click menu

Add user-configurable report

Creates a new user-configurable report.

View, Edit

Opens the user-configurable report's definition for viewing or editing.

Make inactive, Make active

Disables or enables this user-configurable report. (Note that this does not affect the underlying saved report.)


Deletes the user-configurable report. (Note that this does not affect the underlying saved report.)

Open report

Opens the underlying report so that you can modify it.

Show on main VSys One screen

A report shown on the main VSys One screen shows under User-configurable reports and is very easy to access.


Opens the user-configurable report so that you see it and can test it the same way your users will.

See tracked changes

Shows who's made changes to this user-configurable report and when.

A single saved report can be linked to multiple user-configurable reports. Why would you do this? To give different people access to different versions of the same underlying report.

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