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Built-in Reports


Description and variants

Account records

Account details and summary by person; Account record details; Account summaries; Account summary by person; Account summary by person (crosstab)

Advanced/ custom (global)

Projects summary; Project summary with counts; Save the date mailing labels; Thank-you list; Meal card; Birthday listing; E-mail list; Kiosk user IDs.

Advanced/ custom (project)

Delegation summaries; Entrant photos; Phone list (project); Project exceptions; Project people report; Project people sign-in list.

Assignments calendars (RTF/PDF)

Volunteer assignments styled in a weekly or monthly calendar for posting in an editable or PDF format.

Assignments listings

Volunteers assignments in a columnar format, with user-specified columns, filters, grouping and page breaks.


Awards details; Awards summaries.

Banned people

All people marked as "banned".

Basic mailing labels

Simple mailing labels for hundreds of different types of labels; see the Letters, e-mails and mailing labels panel.


Details about comments attached to people: Comments; Comments (only those with images); Comments including images; Comments, full-page images.


System settings, including groups, options, etc.

Custom column

Account records in a year; Anniversary month; Assignment Crediting Details; Assignments for the next 30 days; Awards given in a year; Birthday listing; Deceased People; Hours in the past 30 days; Job associations (active); Job assignments and associations; Kiosk automatic checkouts; People who've been automatically checked out from the kiosk; Kiosk user IDs; People details; People showing lifetime hours; People with group, DOB and type; Recurring assignments ending in the next 30 days; Trainings in a year; Recent transitions; Volunteers with DOB, kiosk and e-mail.

Custom mailing labels

#10 Envelope w/return address; 5160 Mailing labels; 5160 Mailing labels w/bar code; 5162 Mailing labels; 5162 Mailing labels w/bar code; 5163 labels with job associations; 5163 Mailing labels; 5163 Mailing labels w/bar code; 5166 File Folder Labels; Birthday card mailing labels.


Summarize people by most values, including custom fields.

Directory listing

Listing to make a directory in an RTF format.

Exceptions, people with issues

People who have one or more problems which might either restrict their volunteering or need special attention.


Hours details by volunteer; Hours totals by volunteer and job; Hours total by volunteer: current period + lifetime; Hours totals by volunteer w/bonus hours; Hours totals by volunteer; Hours details w/account records; Hours details.

Hours summaries

Company hours summary; Group hours summary; Job hours summary; Monthly hours summary (Fiscal); Monthly hours summary; Quarterly hours summary (fiscal year); Quarterly hours summary; Supervisor hours summary; People with hours summaries by year; Volunteer Source hours summary.

Expiring Certifications

List of people with certifications due to expire, of a given type and expiration date range.

Hours crosstabs

Hours summary by group and month; Hours summary by current group and month; Hours summary by volunteer and year; Volunteer hours crosstab by month.


Interviews completed, Interviews this week.

Invalid Addresses

People in system with invalid addresses.

Job associations

Job associations; Job associations and assignments; Job associations and assignments by job group and job; Job associations w/job details; Job associations w/o comments; Job associations w/supervisors and locations; Job associations with phone numbers.

Job definitions/ setups

Details and summaries about jobs themselves (their definitions): Job definitions; Job listing; Job listings with locations; Job profiles.


See who is late or has missed an assignment.


Mandate details.


Membership list (expiring), Membership list with associates, Membership list by type.

Name tags, badges and credentials

4-up credentials; 5095 name badges; 5095 name badges with assignments; 5160 bar code label; 5383 "My name is" name tags, 5384 credentials with assignments.

Other custom reports

Assignment summaries by job group and job; Assignment summaries by location, job group and job; Assignments report; Daily assignments; Incoming messages; Volunteers with assignments by job; Volunteers with hours by job.


People; People just a list of names; Lengths of service by primary type and primary group; Lengths of service by volunteer type; People summary by primary group; People summary by primary group and primary type; People summary by primary group, primary type and status; People with address/phone; People with hours summary; People with hours summaries and details; People with no recent hours; Team details by primary group; Team summary by primary group; Termination details; People emergency info; People with account summaries; People w/all certifications; People w/hours lifetime and between specific dates; People showing assignments and job associations;

Phone list

Phone and e-mail list; Phone and e-mail list w/contact flags.


Detailed demographic information.

Program statistics

Strength, growth, attrition, hours, tenure.

Reference checks

Reference checks for volunteers.

Recurring assignments

Recurring assignments; Recurring assignments ending.


Relationships; Relationships with contact information.

Screening exceptions

Issues with background checks.

Screening reports

Details about specific background check records and their associated volunteers: ChoicePoint Background Check Request Report; IntelliCorp Background Check Request Report; Lexis/Nexis Background Check Request Report; Manual Background Check Request Report.

Security reports

Users report; Users report with actions log.

list

Manual sign-in lists for specific assignments.

Slot calendars

Calendar format of job slots and times (RTF or PDF format).

Slot details

Information about job slots (openings), including partially-filled slots, filtered by slot status: Slots; Slots details; Slots details by location; Slots with supervisors; Slot periods; Slot periods with supervisors; Slots with periods and volunteer details; Slots with volunteer details; Slots with volunteers and crediting status.

Slot summaries

Summarizes job slots.

Summary/ crosstab

Account Records by Quarter; Active Status Transitions Summary; Delegation entrant summary report; Hours by Current Group and Month; Hours by Volunteer and Month; Hours summary for period by volunteer; Hours summary monthly by location, job group, and job; Hours summary monthly by volunteer; Hours summary monthly by volunteer type; Hours summary quarterly by volunteer; Hours summary quarterly by volunteer type; Hours summary yearly by location, group, and job; Hours summary yearly by volunteer; Hours summary yearly by volunteer type; Person Type Transitions Summary; Survey Summaries; Unique Volunteers with Hours by Job group, Job and Year; Unique Volunteers with Hours by Location, Job group, Job and Year; Volunteer Counts by Active Status and Year Started.

Survey details

Survey result details.

Survey summaries

Results of completed surveys.


Training class roster; Training class summary; Training details.

Who's checked in

All people currently signed in via the kiosk.

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