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User-configurable Report Details

Each user-configurable report has a common set of options.




This is the description of the report as it will be displayed to your users.

Report groupings

Zero or more groupings for this report, the groupings define how users get rights to the report.


When the report is printed, this title will override the title saved with the report itself.

Show on main VSys One screen

If checked, this report will show on the User-configurable reports panel on the main VSys One screen.


An inactive report will not be available to your users.


These instructions will show on the left side of the report tool when it's shown to your users.


(see below)


Properties are the most powerful part of user-configurable reports: they let you decide which aspects of the report can be edited when the report is run by your users. A field marked Yes in the Editable column will be seen by the user, others will not. Right-click on any of these properties to:


This is how your user will see this report. Note that:

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