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Running Self-Run Reports

Self-run reports don't actually run by themselves: "self-run" means that the site visitor (volunteer) can ask VSys Live to run a report for her. VSys Live then needs to actually run the report and deliver it to her. That's done in one of three ways.

Scheduled task

Set up a scheduled task that runs every few minutes, and VSys will then:

You can see what reports have been requested and their status with the self-run reports queue tool.

Via the Standalone E-mail Robot

The Standalone E-mail Robot can also be used for running and delivering VSys Live self-run reports. It doesn't run the report itself, but instead when it detects that one or more of these reports are eligible and waiting to be run, it will launch VSys with special parameters to have VSys run the reports. For this to work a few conditions must be met:


With the Self-run reports queue tool, you can tell VSys to run all eligible reports manually.

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