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Database Merge Tool

The Database merge tool is not part of your VSys One licenses. A license to use the Database Merge Tool must be purchased separately and then the tool is enabled in VSys One when the proper serial number is entered.

The Database merge tool is a specialized tool for combining two VSys One databases together. It can be used consecutively (one database after another) to combine multiple databases into a single database. When would you use the database merge tool?

Once two databases have been merged, changes made to the now single database cannot be propagated to the source databases. This means that you wouldn't use the database merge tool to bring multiple databases together, modify the contents, and then push those changes back. Instead the most common use case is to bring them together for analysis every month, quarter or year in a read-only manner, then drop that database and start again for the next reporting period.

Within a copy of VSys which is connected to your target database (the one you're bringing other databases into), start the database merge tool by selecting Merge with another database.



Source database

This is the database whose data you'll be bringing into the current database. Note that you must have defined the connection to your source databases before you can do this.

(general) Tables to skip

For advanced users only.

,,,Prefix to put at the beginning of...

Incoming objects/options of this type will have the text you put here added to the beginning of their descriptions. Use this to be able to distinguish values by their source.

...No automatic de-duplication

If checked, VSys won't attempt to automatically de-duplicate (combine) values with the same or very similar names.

Locations: Prefix to put at the beginning of child location description

Adds your text to the beginning of the description of locations which have a parent, i.e. not at the top level of the location hierarchy.

Locations: Prefix to put at the beginning of top-level location description

Adds your text to the beginning of the description of locations which do not have parent, i.e. those at the top level of the location hierarchy.

Clicking the Run button will import all data from the source database into the current database. Once started this process cannot be un-done without restoring the current database from a backup.

Once the import is done, VSys will show a report of all of the actions it performed. You should save or print this report for future reference.

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Database Merge Tool Notes

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