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Make a Local Backup of VSys One in Another Folder

Generally VSys backups are static - a file for recovery of your database if it becomes damaged, the server fails, or other problems. This tool backs up your current data to a folder that you designate, copies VSys One and its configuration file into that folder, and places a shortcut on your desktop so that you can work with a copy of your main database in a safe place.

When to use this tool

Steps in this task

  1. Click on Make a local backup of VSys One in another folder from the Administrator tools panel under Backup/restore.
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  2. Select a folder to use for this purpose. It can be on your local hard drive, or even on a USB flash drive, though it will be slower on a flash drive. Make sure to indicate a folder for these files. (Simply saving it to your desktop will result in all the table icons covering your desktop!)
  3. Optionally choose to omit certain tables. In many cases the "trace" and various "voxi" tables are large and not helpful for testing and training. The "zips" table is generally small in the US, but very large if it includes the Canadian postal codes.
  4. Click Create backup.
    VSys will now back up all of your data to the selected folder - this may take some time. When it's complete, you can now run the copy of VSys.exe which is present in the folder you chose, in this case, "c:\temp\VSysTest".
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  5. Double-click on the new VSys icon on your desktop, and you are now running VSys in NexusDB standalone mode, disconnected from your main database. When you are done testing or evaluating, you can simply delete this entire folder.

You can tell you are in this backup data because there will be a yellow bar at the top saying "Testing data". Remember, nothing you do in this data will be reflected in your main database.

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