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Check for Duplicated IDs

Within VSys, all internal ID codes should be unique. However, occasionally, more than one record will contain the same ID code. The Check for duplicated IDs tool validates tables and checks for records that may have the same internal ID codes and corrects them so no two IDs are alike.

VSys requires that all VSys and GMS users other than the one running this tool have exited the application while it is fixing the duplicate codes, otherwise a user may lose data or their copy of VSys One may crash. VSys will prevent more than one person being in this tool at a time, but not in your VSys database.

Follow the steps in this task when you receive word from VSys One technical support that you need to find and fix duplicate IDs in the database.

Steps in this task

  1. Be sure all other users are out of VSys and/or GMS.
  2. Click on Check for duplicated IDs from the Administrator tools panel.
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    VSys will check all entry and certification tables, unless you de-select those checkboxes under Tables to check.
    When Run in read-only mode... is checked, VSys will look for possible issues, but will not repair them. This is useful as a diagnostic tool.
  3. Click on the Run button.
  4. When complete, VSys gives you an on-screen report of the number and types of records that were updated.

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