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Bulk Value Updater Example

In this example, all volunteers who work "Emergency department" jobs in February will get 50% of those worked hours as bonus hours. VSys lets you do this using the Bulk value updater. (Note that bonus hours can be automatically calculated using Bonus hours crediting rules, we're just using this as an easy-to-understand example.)

  1. Within the Bulk value updater, set Item type to Hours, and Action to Update records.
  2. Put filters on your hours to select just the appropriate records, in this example, the job Emergency department, and the date/time window.
    Linked Graphic
  3. Click on the (add field to be changed) link to bring up the first set of change steps.
  4. In the pop-up, under Field to be updated, choose Bonus duration. As the Operation, get the information to move from another field and change Get value from to Duration. The copies the amount in the hours record to the Bonus duration field.
    Linked Graphic
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click on the (add field to be changed) link again to configure the second change. This is what we described as chaining values: first one set of changes are made and then the next.
  7. Under Field to be updated, choose Bonus duration and change its Operation to Number Multiply with a Multiply value of 0.50. This reduces the value we copied over by half.
    Linked Graphic
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click on Get items to update. Verify that the hours records shown are the appropriate ones.
  10. If they are correct, click on Run to update these hours records.

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