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Bonus Hours Rules

Bonus hours give you a way of automatically crediting volunteers with extra hours and account records based on the job they're doing. Use bonus hours to:

To define bonus hours crediting rules, from the Setup panel click on Bonus hours rules.


Add crediting rule

Creates an all-new bonus hours crediting rule.

On the right-click menu

Right-click on a rule in this list to edit its properties and for other tools relevant to specific rules.

Add crediting rule

Creates an all-new bonus hours crediting rule.


Opens the rule's properties screen in read-only mode.


Edits the properties of this rule.

Make inactive

Deactivates the rule, but does not delete it. (An inactive rule is never used by VSys.) Use this to temporarily disable a rule that you may want to use again later.


Permanently deletes this rule.


Create a copy of the rule.

Move up/down

Moves the rule up or down on the list of rules. When VSys searches for rules to apply when crediting hours, it will always use the lowest-numbered applicable rule, and only apply one rule, so order matters. For example, you have a rule that volunteers working on holidays get 2x hours, and volunteers working on a Sunday get 1.5x hours. You will want the Holiday hours rule to be lower numbered so a volunteer working on Easter Sunday gets credited with the Holiday rule (2x) not the Sunday rule (1.5x)

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