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Mandate Types

Mandates represent a required term of service for a volunteer along with a fixed number of required hours. When you create a mandate for a volunteer, it will be one of the types that you define. From the VSys One home screen and the Setup panel, select Mandate types.

Use the Add mandate type link on the left navigation bar to add a new mandate type. Click on a mandate type to change the description. By right-clicking on a mandate you get the option to add, view, edit or delete a mandate type.

Add mandate type

Creates a new mandate type.


Opens an existing mandate type in read-only mode.


Edits an existing mandate type's name.


Deletes a mandate type.

Merge with another mandate type here

Changes the name of the mandate type to another name on the list. This also changes it for any person with this mandate type.

Paste values from the clipboard

Create your list of types in a text editor and copy them to the clipboard. Use this link to copy the list in VSys.

Mandate types are only available if mandates have first been enabled.

VSys will not let you delete a mandate type if there are any existing mandates of that type.

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