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Special Table Tools

Before running any of these tools, please have a current backup and no other users in the database.

These are special-purpose tools for manipulating specific tables.
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Checking Only recent records and entering a date will run the tool on the first two options, Check letters for... and Resample scanned form..., only if created or updated on or after that date.

Check letters for oversized images and log files

This tool checks all letters in the database (optionally only those after a specific date) for large log files or large images that were not removed and compressed using image reduction. Oversized logs will usually only happen due to problems dealing with e-mail addresses. Any letters with these types of issues will be automatically corrected and logged.

Resample scanned form images to reduce their size

Very large scanned images take up a lot of space in the "comments" table. This tool goes through all scanned images attached to comments, certifications and background checks, looking for images which are larger than the size you specify. Run it specifying the maximum width and height for scanned images and VSys will go through all images which are too large and resize them.

This is not a fast process and may take a while to run, especially if you're on a slow network connection.

Check for assignments in projects without matching delegations

If a person registered within a project is given assignments, and moved from one delegation to another, their assignments can stay associated with their previous delegation. Should this happen, VSys will still usually report those assignments, but you won't be able to edit them from within that person's Profile editor.

Running this tool scans all assignments within projects:

  1. If the assignment is associated with someone in that project who is in the same delegation as the assignment, no change will be made.
  2. Otherwise, if the person is in the project, VSys will move the assignment to the person's current delegation.
  3. If the person is not in the project at all, the record will be reported in the processing log for manual verification.

E-mail addresses with leading or trailing spaces or semicolons

E-mail addresses associated with people may have leading or trailing space characters in them, which can cause problems when they're used with the E-mail Robot. In some other cases, imported e-mail addresses from other programs can have semicolons at the end of the e-mail address, usually entered to make copying and pasting them into Outlook easier. For both of these cases, the E-mail addresses with leading or trailing spaces or semicolons tool will find e-mail addresses like this and automatically correct them, removing any leading spaces plus any trailing semicolons or spaces.

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