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Check for Zip/Postal Code Updates

VSys can use zip/postal codes to determine city, state/province, county and country, as well as know how far it is from other zip/postal codes. Normally VSys does not ship with a populated table of these, but Bespoke provides them for free on its website. You must have a live Internet connection for this feature to work.

Steps in this task

  1. Click on Check for zip/postal code updates from the Administrator tools panel. VSys will connect to the VSysOne.com website to check for updates.
    Linked Graphic
  2. Click on any of these updates, then on the Install button.
  3. VSys will download the complete update, then apply it to your "zips" table.

The Canadian postal codes database is huge - almost 200MB of data - and non-Canadian users will probably not benefit from downloading and installing this file. The United States file is substantially smaller, so Canadian organizations with cross-border traffic and mailings may benefit from having both tables installed.

This update can be applied while other users are actively working in VSys.

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