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Job Switch Tool

Example scenario:

The job switch tool is the tool for this situation. Use it by clicking on Job switch tool from the Job and job group definitions link.

With it you'll select the Old job, New job and Effective date. After you click on Execute, VSys will:

  1. For all hours records for the old job which start on or after the effective date, change the job associated with the hours record to the new job.
  2. For all job slots starting on or after the effective date, change the job associated with the slot to the new job.
  3. For all recurring assignments which encompass the effective date,
  4. For all non-recurring assignments, changes the assignment to the new job if the assignment starts on or after the effective date.
  5. For all job associations, if the job association encompasses the effective date,
  6. Change all walkup check in jobs, open schedule jobs, assignment reminder rules, bonus hours crediting rules, suggested jobs, training hours crediting rules and kiosk report criteria to the new job immediately.

Where feasible, i.e. there's a Comments field, VSys will leave a note behind in each changed record detailing what happened here.

VSys does not delete the old job, nor do we suggest that you do so: deleting that job would mean losing access to the previous definition information, hours, assignments, etc. Instead, make the job inactive and optionally move it to a different job group, e.g. "Inactive jobs".

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