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Finding Job Opportunities

If you have a volunteer who knows when she wants to volunteer, you can easily search the system to see what is available for her.

Steps in this task

  1. Open Find job opportunities from the Jobs panel.
    Find job opportunities screen
  2. Set the Start date/time and the End date/time ranges, as well as Days.
  3. To limit the jobs shown, you can filter on Location, Skills, Job preferences as well as only show jobs for which volunteers are still needed, and/or jobs where the location is designated as handicapped-accessible.
  4. Click on Search to see what jobs are available.

This search is only for reference: you can't assign people to jobs here. Do that from within Jobs/slots calendar tool or within her profile.

The way you enter dates and times may differ from the examples here if your system is configured to use different formatting conventions. These are configured in the Setup panel under System preferences and feature enabling.

If projects are enabled, VSys will display the available job slots grouped by project.

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