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View/Edit Job Assignments

The View/Edit Job Assignments tool gives you a quick listing of job assignments by date and status. Its primary purpose is to let you find assignments to approve, cancel or reject, especially for assignments which have been self-selected using VSys Live.

Steps in this task

  1. Open the View/edit job assignments tool on the Jobs and scheduling panel.
    View/edit job assignments screen
  2. Use the Date, Days to show, Start time, Statuses, Jobs, Locations, Recurring assignments filters to choose which assignments to show.
  3. Optionally select one or more Custom fields to show.
  4. Click Get assignments to retrieve the assignments meeting your criteria.
  5. Check one or more assignments to work with or work with them in bulk using the right-click menu.
  6. Click the Save button to commit your changes.

On the right-click menu


Edits just this assignment.


Opens the assignment without editing it.


Deletes this individual assignment.


Lets you view or edit the assignment's entrant, send him a letter, or add/remove him from a list.

Change status

Quickly changes the status of this assignment to the option you select.


Select All, None, or Reverse the checkbox selections of the entire results list.

Selected items

Changes the status of all checked items at once to the same value.

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