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Jobs and Job Groups

Job: describes a task which needs to be done. In VSys, a job has a description and it may be associated with locations, a sport, skills or job preferences. It may have required interviews, trainings or background checks, and have restrictions on the volunteer's age and/or gender.

Job group: similar to a department, VSys uses job groups to organize jobs together. Every job has exactly one job group.

Job slot: a job combined with a time, location and duration where you need one or more volunteers.

Jobs and job groups should be set up globally. For a specific project, you can then copy the relevant jobs into that project, and then make any project-specific changes you need.

Before you begin

Decide first what your jobs are, and how they should be broken up into job groups. What are your departments? What are the functional units in your organization? These will help you organize your jobs.

Defining Jobs and Job Groups

To define jobs and job groups globally, from the Setup panel, click on Jobs and job groups definitions. To define them in a specific project, open that project then click on Job and job group definitions from the Setup panel in the project.
Job setup screen

Click on the Add job group link to create a job group, on Add job to define a job, or click on an existing job or job group to edit its properties.


Add job group

Creates a new job group.

Add job

Creates a new job.


Reloads all of the values here from the database.

Walkup check in jobs

Helps you define walkup check in jobs based on this job for VSys Live and the kiosk.

Job switch tool

Use this tool to move all assignments, job slots, job associations, etc. from one job to another as of a specific point in time. (The original job definition is not deleted or affected.)


Job reports

Reports about the jobs themselves: listings and profiles.

On the right-click menu

Right-click on any job group or job to edit its properties or use other tools.

Add job group

Creates a new job group.

Add job

Creates a new job.


Makes a new job that's a copy of the currently selected job.


Edits this job group or job.

Comments and images

Comments about this job group or job.

Edit excluded people

Edits the list of people who are explicitly prohibited from performing this job.

Merge into another job

Lets you select another job and moves all hours, assignments and job associations for the current job into that job.


Opens this job group or job in read-only mode for viewing only.


Deletes this job group or job. Deleting a job group deletes the jobs within it. First consider merging jobs or making the job inactive since this cannot be undone.

See tracked changes

Show changes made to this job or job group.


Copy/paste job groups or jobs using the Windows clipboard. To paste a job it must have been copied to the clipboard by VSys. Job groups can be pasted by putting their names into Word or Excel, copying them to the clipboard in those tools, then pasting their names here in bulk.

Find someone who's done this before

Brings up a search tool to find people who have assignments, hours, or job associations with this job.


Run custom reports based on job definitions; useful for printing out the definition of a specific job.

Attached files

Attach files or documents to a specific job for later reference.

Job details

Runs a report describing the selected job.

In This Section

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