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Open Schedule Jobs

Open schedule jobs are jobs that volunteers can sign up for via VSys Live but which do not generate real assignments. Instead they're used for things like "We need an intern" or "Technical help wanted". Use this to recruit skills based volunteers. These jobs can be searched using the job signup tool in VSys Live. Once a volunteer signs up for an open schedule job he gets a job association for the underlying job having the status, location, start date, end date and supervisor you set here.

Note that open schedule jobs aren't capacity controlled, meaning that VSys Live has no idea when you have enough people for one to be filled. That means that you have to go in and mark the open schedule job as Inactive when you've recruited enough people and want it to no longer be available for online signup.


Shown online in VSys Live.


If checked, the open schedule job is no longer available for signup: it disappears from the job lookup tool(s) and any permalinks based on it become unusable.

High priority opening

Using this lets you optionally show only high priority jobs in certain places in VSys Live.

First date available, Last date available

This open schedule job will only be displayed online during this date range; once it's expired it disappears the job lookup tool(s) and any permalinks based on it become unusable.

Last validated, Next validation date

Not used by VSys itself, these are for your own internal tracking purposes.

Count wanted

VSys doesn't track the number of people who have applied for an open schedule job, but you can use this field in merge templates when describing the job.

Days of week, Start time, Daily duration

These are primarily used for display purposes and do not affect the job association created on signup.

Job, Location, Supervisor

These become properties of the created job association.

Job preferences, Job tags

Used by the job lookup tool and in various reports for filtering.

Job/location attachments

Defines the attachments sent with notification e-mails to the volunteer.

VSys Live

Hide everywhere in VSys Live

If checked, the open schedule job is never shown in VSys Live and any permalinks become unusable.

Hide in VSys Live lookup

Checking this hides the open schedule job in the Job lookup action link, but does not disable it altogether. For example you could send a volunteer a permalink and they'd be able to sign up for it even if they could not search for it.

Just for display...

If checked, the open schedule job may be visible in VSys Live but can't be signed up for. You'd usually use this when asking people to call you or e-mail rather than sign up directly online.

Required login status

Make this open schedule job available to logged-in, not logged-in people, or everyone.

Job association status, Job association start date, End date

These become properties of the created job association.

Signup application - existing volunteers

If used for job lookup using an application for online signup, which application should be used when an existing person is signed in?

Signup application - new volunteers

Same as above, but when no user is signed in.

Requested department, Requested site, Handler

These become properties of the VSys Live application when it's submitted.

When shown in VSys Live, show details from the job

In merge templates, what value should be used as the open schedule job's detailed description? That can be "(use details here)" which is the Details HTML below or it can be one of the "User text ..." fields from the job itself. If a User text field is chosen here and that field is blank, VSys Live will fall back to and use the Details below.

VSys Live icon

Available in merge templates when showing open schedule jobs for lookup.

Send notification e-mails to

When someone signs up for this online, this e-mail address will be used for any notifications.

Display on calendar as a single, multi-day item

If checked, this shows on custom calendars (where applicable) repeated on all of the days selected here.

VSys Live online signup for open schedule jobs using applications is not supported in the basic VSys Live implementation.


Applicants must meet all of the requirements above to sign up for an open schedule job.

Unless they're a new applicant signing up using an inline application, in which case VSys doesn't yet know who the person is in order to enforce the requirements.


This is the text that will be shown to the volunteer during the signup process.

Custom fields

(not shown) Any custom field values you set here will be assigned to the job association when it's created.

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