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VSys Live Recurring Assignments

Because it's impractical for a volunteer to define her own rules for a recurring assignment, e.g. "I want to work Saturday mornings 9am-noon, Sunday evenings from 4pm-midnight and every other Wednesday", and yet you need to give volunteers a means to sign up for assignments that recur over time, VSys Live has its own version of recurring assignments.

Defining VSys Live recurring assignments gives volunteers the opportunity to sign up online for these jobs. The rules you assign here are used to generate real recurring assignments for the volunteers who select them.

Field name



A description for your own use. This will not appear to the volunteer.

First date shown, Last date shown

If set, this recurring assignment will only appear on VSys Live when the current date is between these dates.

Display description

How this will appear to your volunteers when they see it.

Invitation codes

Include one or more invitation codes here separated by commas to permit only those who enter one or more of these in VSys Live to see this recurring assignment option.

Allow court-ordered volunteers

If checked, court-ordered volunteers will be able to see this recurring assignment option.

Groups, People types

Only volunteers who meet these criteria will be shown this recurring assignment.

Job, Location, Start date, Start time, End time, Duration each day, New assignment status, Supervisor, Weeks, Days, Months.

The recurring assignment created for the volunteer will use these rules.

Selectable assignment durations

For each duration you set here, VSys Live will offer the job to the volunteer noting how long the assignment will run. If you only define one duration here then the volunteer will have only a single choice and the recurring assignment will run for that many days.

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