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Job Signup Window Rules

Job signup window rules are often used to limit when groups of volunteers are allowed to sign up for slots, along with how many they can sign up for during some time period.

In this example, a performing arts center uses VSys Live to do open signup for slots for the next month starting on a particular date. Volunteers strongly prefer certain events, and vie for access to them. Taking a cue from the airlines, their volunteers are grouped into tiers, "Diamond", "Royal", "Gold", etc. Each of these tiers is allowed to sign up for only one slot during the coming month, and each get access to start that signup at a set date/time.

Job signup window rules are global and defined from the VSys Live sites tool, they're not specific to individual VSys Live sites.

Up until noon on Friday, any given volunteer can select only one shift for the next month, regardless of their status (see the Maximum assignments property of each rule). If a volunteer cancels an assignment for the next month, they are permitted to select a replacement shift.

These examples are just that: examples. The various tiers could have been allowed differing numbers of slots, they didn't all have to get cumulative access, e.g. Diamond's signup period could have ended when Royal's started or some other time, etc.

These rules only work when they're applied to individual job slots! They don't apply to all jobs; you have to explicitly set the Signup window rule field when creating a job slot for that slot to be controlled by a rule.



For your use.


An inactive rule is ignored and not used.

If a person matches one rule's criteria, do not apply any other rule

Advanced; if this is checked and multiple signup window rules are in play, VSys will only look the first rule.

Slots hidden until

Any slot with this signup window rule is hidden in VSys live until this date/time.

Slots hidden after this date

If this is not blank, any slot with this signup window rule is hidden in VSys live after this date/time.

Slots available for signup on

Before this date/time, slots cannot be selected for signup.

Slots unavailable for signup on

After this date/time (if not blank), slots can no longer be selected for signup.


This rule turns itself off, removing its restrictions for signup.

Message to show

Shown to the volunteer if this rule prevents their selecting a slot.

When a volunteer selects a job slot governed by this rule, VSys does the following:

  1. If the current date is before Slots available for signup on, rejects them showing Message to show...
  2. If the current date is after Expiration, rejects them showing Message to show...
  3. Looks through the detail rules until it finds one that matches: (Rule becomes active and Rule becomes inactive are checked against the current date) and (Volunteer matches People types, Groups, Volunteer types and Lists).

Detail rules


For your use.


These detail rules are also processed in order from lowest to highest.

Rule becomes active, Rule becomes inactive

This detail rule is only effective during this time period. If the current date is outside of that, this detail rule is ignored and VSys moves on to the next one.

Maximum assignments

Limits the number of assignments that the volunteer can currently have during the Assignments window. If that count exceeds this, then they're not allowed to select any more.

Assignments window

This rule looks for assignments during this date window, in this case the following month.

Note: only assignments linked to a job signup window rule are counted.

People types, Groups, Volunteer types

The volunteer must match all of these to match this rule.


Volunteer must be on one or more of these lists to match the rule. Use Intellilists to form complex rules as needed.

Message to show

If this field isn't blank and this detail rule matches, overrides the Message to show from the overall signup window rule.

Requires that the feature VSys Live: Advanced job signup restrictions and signup window rules be enabled.

Job signup window rules are not part of the standard VSys Live implementation. In general, installing and configuring this option comes with an additional fee. See Advanced features for information.

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