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Advanced Features

There are a number of advanced features in VSys Live that are very powerful:

But while the functionality for some of these features is included with VSys Live, getting these set up for you is not unless specifically included in your proposal/price quote.

Why not?

They are powerful and flexible, which means that they're complicated. Application processing rules even have an embedded programming language to define the conditions for the various rules, and that's not something you learn from this manual. You need a deep understanding of how the features work, how they interact, and the end goals of how your organization's process works.

So how do I use them?

To implement these features, or an appropriate subset of them, call us. We'll sit down (in person or via WebEx) and build out a Statement of Work that describes what - in detail - needs to be built out for you.

From there we'll get you a price quote and estimated timeline. On approval, we'll work with you to set these up, document how they're used, and test the whole process with you.

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