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WebEx can be used for remote desktop support. WebEx sessions are always user-initiated and never permit tech support to connect to your network or computers. It does allow you to connect to us and then let our support team work with your desktop only as long as you permit.

During a WebEx session, all communications between your systems and ours are encrypted. They're encrypted "end-to-end" which means that the screens are encrypted by your workstation, remain encrypted across the Internet and through WebEx's server, and are only unencrypted when they reach a support technician's machine. This means that no third party, whether an Internet provider, WebEx itself or anyone listening in on the connection can actually see and understand what's being shown.

A normal support session does not involve the transfer of any files from your network to ours, and your data doesn't get sent to us, just a view of your desktop. Everything that's done is always visible to you, and when you close WebEx the connection to us is dropped and we can no longer see or do anything on your systems.

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