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Application Approval Using VSys Live

Do you want to have applications submitted by volunteers or prospective volunteers approved by someone outside of VSys One? For example, a student applies to be an intern, and the application should be sent to the physician who's to supervise that student.

Notifications and application approval links can help!

  1. VSys generate an e-mail notification to the physician specified by the intern.
  2. The physician clicks on the link in that notification, sees various properties of the intern's data in VSys Live. This person never has to log into VSys Live; that's handed by the link.
  3. Physician approves, rejects, and optionally includes comments on the application.
  4. This approves or rejects the student's application, and includes an "approval application" in the student's profile for reference.

Like application processing rules, which these can use a well, this is a very powerful mechanism, takes a lot of experience to configure. The setup and management of this isn't documented here, and require special assistance from the VSys Live implementation team to enable.

Application approval links in VSys Live are not part of the standard VSys Live implementation. In general, installing and configuring this option comes with an additional fee. See Advanced features for information.

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