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Application Approval - Notifications

To notify the physician about this new shadow applicant, and to give her the link to approve or reject that application, we need a notification: VSys Live application approval link. (See notification subscriptions for the general rules and setup options for notifications).

Notification settings

Delivery method

Must be E-mail.

Entered between

This date range is applied to the date where the original application was entered.


Only applications of this type will be used to generate notifications (see initial application).

Application statuses, Application form approval statuses, Application handlers, Requested departments, Requested sites

These filters apply to the original application submitted by the volunteer.

Attach printed copy of completed application

If checked, VSys will include a PDF of the original application with the notification. Note that the PDF won't look exactly like the original application, but should have the important information from that application included. Note also that attachments uploaded with the original application will not be forwarded on.

Use which VSys Live site for link

Because you could have more than one VSys Live site, the notification needs to know which of those sites will be used for the approval link. (Only VSys Live sites, not VSys Live Kiosk or VSys Anywhere sites can be used here.)

Approval link is good for

Once this notification is generated, the approval link within it will expire after this number of days.

Get approver e-mail address from

On the original application, which field has the approver's (physician's) e-mail address?

Approver uses this application

This is the application used by the physician to approve or reject the volunteer's application.

Last changed between

Only applications changed during this time period will be eligible to have this notification created.


These other filters apply to the applicant.

Notification template

Within the body of the notification that's sent, the only absolutely required field is Approval link. Beyond that you can include the name or other values from the volunteer or his application, plus of course any explanatory or instructional text.


Of course you still need a scheduled task to generate and deliver these notifications!

Approval notifications

While VSys doesn't support the concept of sending a notification based on another notification alone, you can use the VSys Live application status notification to be alerted when the approver application has been submitted, or when the Status of the initial application has been changed by the physician.

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