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VSys is easy to install and run on any modern Windows-based computer. You can run it on a standalone computer or on networked computers connected to a central database server.

Multi-User or Single-User Database

VSys can be installed for multi-user or single-user access to the database. The multi-user database can be accessed and updated by any number of simultaneous users in your organization.

For multi-user access to your data, you need server software installed on a central server on your computer network. VSys is compatible with the following databases:

Recommended Computer System

Customize VSys for How You Work

We built VSys One, and all of our other products, under the banner "You know how to do your job, we just give you the tools to do it better."

To that end, VSys gives you the freedom to customize your data entry to fit your needs. Most fields in VSys can be changed, letting you define the applicable values (e.g. Skills, Job preferences, and Groups). Create unlimited custom fields of any type and use them for reporting, mailing and filtering just like the built-in fields. Define certifications which encompass multiple pieces of data together, e.g. TB tests results, and track when they expire.

You can even develop application forms for processing volunteer applicants so that your data entry screens are identical to your existing paper forms. By including only the fields that you will use, you will not have to scroll or tab past fields that you don't need.

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