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VSys Licensing

The various VSys tools are licensed in different ways.

The vast majority of our clients will be subject to the rules and models below; certain others may have custom agreements that change how licensing and support are handled.

Administrative tools

VSys One

VSys One can be licensed to named or concurrent users. You'll choose a model with your original proposal; the pricing is different for each.

VSys Anywhere

VSys Anywhere is always licensed based on named users.


For named users, all users have direct access to our tech support team. For concurrent users, the number of users with direct tech support access is limited to the number of licenses. For example an organization with three named users and five concurrent users can designate up to eight people who can directly contact our support team; any others are required to go through one of the designated users for support. We don't do this to be rude or lazy, but concurrent users tend to use the system in a far more limited way and cycle in and out; our support line isn't meant for training and spinning up new users. Of course we're more than happy to provide training to anyone on your team regardless of license type.


Named user licenses can be transferred from one staff member to another without charge, but these transfers are limited to once every thirty days.


VSys Live

VSys Live is licensed on a per-instance basis, with each instance being a separate VSys Live site. The number of volunteers using a site makes no difference at all in your licensing: the more the better!

Online Training Module, Schedule Lookup Tool, Volunteer Request Tool

These add-ons to VSys Live are licensed on a per-instance basis as well, even though they're primarily used by your staff. For example if you have one Schedule Lookup Tool license, you can use that on one VSys Live site.

VSys Live Kiosk

VSys Live Kiosk is licensed on a concurrent device basis. If you have a ten device license for example, you can have up to ten devices connected to a VSys Live Kiosk site at once. (We also offer unlimited licenses for these if you expect to have a lot of devices.)

VSys Kiosk

VSys Kiosk - the desktop kiosk, not the browser-based one - is licensed on a per-device basis, not concurrent devices. If you run the VSys Kiosk from eight machines, you need eight licenses.

VSys Web and VSys Web Advanced

VSys Web and VSys Web Advanced are available to all clients with an active support/maintenance agreement. Each client can have only one VSys Web Advanced or one VSys Web site, with no limitations on the number of volunteers that can use the site.

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