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Dashboard Feeds

Dashboard feeds are a powerful concept that lets you provide relevant, up-to-the-minute information to your VSys Anywhere users (VSys Anywhere dashboard feeds are actually configured in VSys One.)

In VSys One, and within the settings for your VSys Anywhere site, open up Dashboard feeds.

There are two kinds of dashboard feeds: charts and listings; chart-based feeds have the notation "Chart:" in their name.

Common settings


Shown at the top of the feed when displayed.


These are the various data sources; what you pick here determines most of the other options for the feed.

Cache time

If another user (or this one) within this number of seconds, VSys will use a saved copy of the data instead of regenerating it.

VSys Live visibility rules

Use visibility rules to tightly control when and to whom this feed is shown.

Load only when refresh clicked

For feeds that can take a long time to load, especially those that also may only be needed occasionally, check this. When checked, VSys will show the refresh link without actually generating any data; if the user clicks that link, then and only then will VSys display data in the feed.

Show refresh link

For feeds representing data that changes frequently, check this. The user can click the refresh link to update the data in that feed without reloading the whole page.

Lazy load

You should almost always check this: a "lazy loaded" feed isn't actually generated until it would be visible on the page. For a feed that's far down on the page, VSys doesn't allocate any resources to loading it until the user scrolls down far enough that the feed would be in view.


An inactive feed is never displayed.

User editable options

This is a very powerful feature: any properties of the feed that you check on this list are available for individual users to edit for themselves!

Values such as People types, Groups, Lists, Minimum days: these vary based on the source data being displayed by the feed. If you're displaying job slots, People types wouldn't be a useful filter, and Slot status wouldn't make much sense for birthdays!

By making dashboard feeds user-configurable and then giving the users access to the Dashboard feed preferences tool, you can make a small number of feeds that can be configured by users to show what they individually want, rather than making a large number of pre-customized feeds.

Dashboard feeds are part of VSys Anywhere, and not part of the standard VSys Live implementation. In general, installing and configuring this option comes with an additional fee. See Advanced features for information.

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