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Schedule Lookup Tool

The Schedule Lookup tool in VSys Anywhere is essentially the same as the View/lookup schedules action link in VSys Live.

Start date, End date, Start time, End time

Depending on what's being shown - slots, assignments, etc. - only items which start between these dates and times will be visible. Leaving Start time blank is the same as putting in 12:00AM (midnight); leaving End time blank is the same as putting in 11:59PM.

Jobs, Locations

If either of these are selected, only slots and assignments matching those will be shown.

Assignment status

Checked in or Not checked in

Slot status

Don't show job slots, Filled, Not filled.

Volunteer or supervisor name

Any value here will be compared against the name of the volunteer or supervisor in a slot, assignment, etc. and only show items which match one or both of these. This is a very handy way of finding someone by name, or all of the slots that are supervised by a specific person.

Calendar results

Mouseover details

Agenda results

List results

The filters and options you see will vary depending on how your system administrator has configured the tool.

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