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Dashboard Feed Preferences (VSys Anywhere)

Some dashboard feeds for VSys Anywhere support user preferences. The Dashboard Feed Preferences tool in VSys Anywhere gives individual users the ability to set those preferences on a feed-by-feed basis. When opened, the tool shows a list of applicable dashboard feeds.

Changes here only affect the current user: they do not hide or modify the feed for other users. The idea is to then let you create general purpose dashboard feeds that may include everybody's jobs and everybody's groups, then let individual users customize the feed so that they see the information that's relevant to them. You don't need to create dashboard feeds for individual people!

  1. Select a Dashboard feed to update. Note that a feed that's already been changed for this user will have "(modified)" at the end of its description.
  2. Check Hide this dashboard feed to suppress it, or select one or more Override which options values.
  3. For each overridden value, make changes as appropriate. (The types of values available here will vary by dashboard and by the properties selected.)
  4. Click Save to commit these changes.

A dashboard feed will only appear here if it has been viewed by the current user within the last thirty days and is set to support user preferences.

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