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Job Checkout Break Prompt Rules

Job checkout break prompt rules are designed to request (or require) that the volunteer take a break for breakfast, lunch, etc. during the term of their shift, then subtract that break time from their overall hours record.

At checkout, the break prompt rules are applied in order, first to last. Once a rule has matched the current volunteer's check in, it's applied and no further rules are used. When applicable at checkout, the volunteer will be prompted for a break time duration, constrained by the min & max durations in the rule, which is then subtracted from the overall hours record duration. (A note is put in the resulting hours record describing the rule that was applied and how.)


For your use.


If any jobs are checked, only those jobs are subject to this rule.

Excluded jobs

Even if a job is checked above, if it's checked here, it's not subject to the rule.


If any locations are checked, only check ins for assignments, etc. at the selected locations will be subject to this rule.

Earliest start time, Latest start time

Check in time must be between these two times, inclusive.

Minimum break duration

Volunteer will not be able to change the break duration to any shorter than this.

Maximum break duration

Volunteer will not be able to enter a break longer than this.

Default break duration

When prompted for a break duration, this value will be shown until the volunteer changes it.


Caption of the prompt shown to the volunteer asking how long their break was.


An inactive rule is ignored.

Break prompt rules are specific to individual VSys Live sites, including the VSys Live Kiosk. This allows you to have different rules for different sites, but it also means that if you want the settings to be the same on multiple sites, you'll need to set the rules individually on each.

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