VSys One: Volunteer Management Software

General Rights

These rights apply globally, that is, outside of a project.



Inherit additional rights from

Checking any other users' names here gives the user you are setting up the rights she's specifically assigned plus all of the rights of these other users. The rights are not copied from the other users right away, and changes made to the source users affect this person the next time she logs in.

Security management

If granted Access, this user can access the Security manager and make changes.


Access to all/Set individually

If Access to all, user has full rights to all existing projects. Otherwise the user has only those rights given to individual projects.

Create new

Allows creation of new projects. Note newly-created projects default to having the creator as an owner, and that owner has full rights to the project in the process.


General data entry

Credit volunteer hours, mark bad phone numbers/e-mail addresses, edit groups, enter training results, bad e-mail handler.

People/People by type/People by group

Create: create a new person from scratch.
Edit: open an existing person (globally) and modify her data.
View: open an existing person (globally) to view her data (read-only).
Delete: remove someone globally from the system.
Registration: Required to register someone into a project.

Remove a person's ban

This right is required to un-ban a banned volunteer.

Enter account records

Access to entering account records.

Report designer

Limits access to the Report Designer.


Create: create a new group from scratch.
Edit: modify a group's properties.
View: open an existing group's properties to view them.
Delete: remove a group without affecting the people within it.

Note rights to groups do not imply rights to the people within them.


All types of reports. If a report is coming up unexpectedly blank, check that the person running reports has access to the information that is supposed to print.


Print name tags/credentials.

Manage lists

Create, edit and delete lists globally.

Background check handling

All of the items on the Screening panel plus the ability to create and edit interview records in the Profile editor.

Kiosk tools and setup

Defining kiosk setup options, greetings, etc.

Letters/Mail merge/Mailing labels

Use any of the Mail merge tools, including mailing labels.

E-mail robot

Use the E-mail Robot to send letters already merged and saved.


Access to the Mandates panel and Mandates manager.

Awards manager

Access to the Awards panel and Awards manager.


Access to the Membership Panel and Memberships manager.

Setup jobs, Setup jobs by job group

Access to Jobs and Job Groups and setting up job slots. A user's rights here are the sum of her rights to setup jobs in general and the job group in question.

Assign people to jobs, Assign people to jobs by job group

Job Slot Assignments, make slot or non-slot job assignments or edit existing assignments. A user's rights here are the sum of the rights to jobs in general and jobs for the job group of the assignment in question.

Import data

The Interactive File Importer.

Export data

The Advanced exporter tool.

Bulk value updater

Access to this tool globally. Note if a user has access to the Bulk value updater, what she does with that tool may not be limited by her security rights.

Backup data

Back up this database.

Note any user can run backups from the database selector tool at startup if it's visible, since VSys Security is not enabled by that point.


General setup tools.

Encryption setup

Create and Manage Data Encryption Keys. This right should not be given to most users!

Data maintenance

Index update, Check for Duplicated IDs, Purge Old Trace Records, Check for Zip/Postal Code Updates, etc.

Web synchronization

Access to the VSys Web synchronization tools.

Auto update

Access to the auto-update tool. Note that you can also disable this with the NoAutoUpdate=1 value in the General section of the VSys.ini file.

There's no access right for "Restore data", because it's not possible. When it comes time to restore data, VSys can't read the database in order to check the user's security rights. To prevent someone from restoring to your database, either prevent them from deleting tables (SQL Server only), or put the value NoRestore=1 into the database's section in the VSys.ini file.