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Memberships Manager

The memberships manager is a tool for selecting memberships based on a set of criteria and then editing, deleting, or mailing to those members. Use this to:

Membership manager screen


Create a new membership

Creates a membership for a volunteer of one of the types you have defined. If this link is not working, check that you have at least one membership type set up.

Setup membership types

Takes you to the setup tool for membership types. This is the same tool available on the Setup panel.


Membership types

Types set up for your organization.


Membership statuses - Expired, Active, Cancelled.

Effective between

Date range for when membership is valid.

Expired between

Date range for when the membership expired.

Cancelled between

Date range for when the membership was cancelled.

On the right-click menu

Right-click on a membership in the list to modify that membership or perform other actions.

Add a new membership

Creates a new membership of the type that you select.

Edit membership

Edits the membership.

Edit member

Edits the owner of the membership.


Deletes/un-deletes this membership.

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