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Hours Approval Manager

This tool is used by VSys Web as well as by VSys Live and the VSys Kiosk when these tools are configured to require that newly-posted hours be approved.

If you allow volunteers to self-enter hours volunteered online, then this is where you will process these hours. From the VSys Web or VSys Live panels select Approve/reject volunteer-entered hours.

For each volunteer who has entered hours online, you'll see their name, group, the jobs, locations, counts and dates associated with their pending hours.
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If you are using VSys Web, hours records won't appear here until you've synchronized with VSys Web.

Steps in this task

If needed, set any filters on Locations, Groups, Jobs and VSys Live/Kiosk locations then click Refresh. Then, for each volunteer whose name appears,

  1. Click on that volunteer's name to see their self-entered hours records.
  2. Verify that the records appear correct, referencing their full history below. You'll see hours records which conflict with previously-posted hours records in red.
  3. Edit any records here by right-clicking on them and making the appropriate changes, including deleting the records as needed. A checked record in green will be posted, a checked record which is crossed-out will be deleted/rejected, and un-checked records will be ignored for now and will re-appear next time this tool is run.
  4. Click on Save to save this volunteer's new records. Repeat from step 1 for any remaining volunteers with new hours.

Right-click on a person to View or Edit that person, or to send him a letter.

Volunteer-entered hours can be approved automatically using a Scheduled Task.

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